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Sino-Japanese and Southeast inevitable isolation

According to reports, the world's iron and steel enterprises in the fourth and fifth Shanghai Baosteel, Hubei Wuhan Iron and Steel will be built in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, Guangxi Fangchenggang large-scale iron and steel production base, put into operation more than half of the steel will be exported to Southeast Asia, and Southeast Asian demand for steel 20 from Japan, the battle of the steel market in Southeast Asia, China and Japan will inevitably.

    Wuhan Iron and Steel and Baosteel to invest 64 billion and 70 billion yuan in Fangchenggang in Guangxi and Guangdong Zhanjiang, less than 200 km away from the construction of an annual output of 10 million tons of iron and steel base, the two companies on May 28 and 31, respectively, held a groundbreaking ceremony is expected to 2 to four years in production. According to expert analysis of the steel industry, the Chinese steel industry has entered the era of low-yielding, since 2011, Baosteel has five consecutive quarters of decline in the rate of return; 2011 China's steel demand resumption of growth, more than 800 iron and steel enterprises intention to have increased production, including Wuhan Iron and Steel and Baosteel all of a sudden the construction of two large steel-making furnaces, will inevitably result in initial surplus; is expected to yield more than half of the two companies will be used to export the object that is a free trade agreement with China in Southeast Asia countries.

    In 2011, Japan to the new horse and India, Thailand and Vietnam Philippine exports of iron and steel 11.3 million tons, with two companies considerable exports in Southeast Asia. , Pohang, Korea in Indonesia, Taiwan Formosa Plastics Group in Vietnam to build a large steel-making furnaces, Japan JFE also plans cooperation with Taiwanese companies to build a steel plant in central Vietnam, the Japanese steel industry forecast the future, Japan and Korea in the steel market in Southeast Asia The competition will be very intense. The Japan Iron and Steel Union Friends of wild macro president said, in the advanced steel plate, China and South Korea and Japan are still gaps, but according to the competition of the automotive industry, does not allow Japanese companies to relax their vigilance.


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